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Average Rate: $30/hr.
Average Rate: $30/hr.
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Joseph B.

"I love solving the tech problems people often find annoying in their home or business. Not only fixing the problem, but helping them understand how to prevent it from happening again is why I do tech support!"

Julie C.

"Delivering quality tech support is what I feel privileged to do. Quality tech support means that by the time I leave my customer is not only happy but more confident with their technology."

Steven L.

"Helping other's solve their tech issue's is exciting and why I chose tech support. With each problem their is the possibility to find a new solution and make someone's day that much better."

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the choice to choose a technician that fits your budget. The average rate is the average hourly rate that the technicians providing this service are set at.
Every technician is required to be interviewed, background-checked, and trained before they can provide service on TecMe. After a technician has been added to the platform they must participate in continued training to remain active on TecMe.
Only pay for a service after the service has been completed. The cost is calculated by how long the technician spent completing it along with a booking fee charged on every service.
Every service can be tracked from start to finish through the TecMe mobile app. Once your request is submitted, the technician will accept it then complete the service on the given date. Once completed you can pay directly through the TecMe mobile app and leave a review of your experience.
We’re committed to satisfying every customer who books on TecMe. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your experience a great one.
After requesting the service you can communicate with the technician at anytime through direct chat messaging or voice/video call directly through the TecMe mobile app.
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